The Alpine Garden Society

We were commissioned to work with the society to redevelop their digital services and support them through a process of digital transformation. With such an established brand meaning a lot to stakeholders and the society’s members, the challenge was in retaining the brand essence while enabling the brand to progress into new digital channels.

It can be a struggle for societies like ours to keep pace with the ever changing digital landscape. This project helped redefine our digital goals and understand the needs of our users. It has transformed our digital services enabling us to better support the aims of the society.
Director - Alpine Garden Society


During the discovery phase we worked to understand the history of the society the challenges they face and potential future opportunities. Working collaboratively we defined the vision and objectives for the project. We also delivered a high level strategy summarising how we can deliver on the project vision.


  • Vision and objectives
  • Digital audit
  • Strategic recommendations


We had two primary goals of the user research: To understand the existing members and their experience of the society. Second to explore the opportunities for potential growth and how best to appeal to new customers.


  • Depth interviews
  • Online survey
  • Content audit
  • Recommendations report


With the strategic goals of the organisation defined and with a good understanding of the users need we turned our attention to the existing digital services. A full content audit was one of the first tasks completed. Working collaboratively with the client we created a content model. With users insight we created a proposed information architecture. A HTML prototype was created so we could rapidly test content / structure, enabling us to test the design solution.


  • Brand sprint
  • Page templates
  • Content model
  • HTML prototype
  • Information architecture

Measurment and goals

We worked with the client to identify relevant metrics and benchmarks. These metrics will be revised at regular intervals to help understand where we can further improve the digital offering. Ongoing user testing will provide qualitative insight enabling iterative refinement of the digital services.


  • High level objectives
  • KPI's and benchmarks
  • Set up on-site analytics
  • User testing