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The main objective of this project was to solve the issue of time keeping and presenting visibility of progress to participants during workshops and other time sensitive collaborative events.

Typically when running workshops we have a fixed time period with little or no flexibility. There are two conflicting behaviours in this situation:

  • Participants who get distracted from the key goals of the session and go off on a tangent
  • Participants who are obsessed with checking the time to make sure everything will be covered as quickly as possible.


By providing visibility of progress/time to the participants we expect that we will increase both the momentum of the sessions and focus on key tasks.


The simple solution to this problem is to have a representation of both the length of the session and display progress without the distraction of a specific and ticking hands/numbers.

An elegant solution to this is the a timer with no numbers just a representation of the overall length of the session and time spent. This will allow participants to focus on the tasks at hand while at a glance having an overview of where we are within the session. It should:

  • Run locally on any device
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to see at a distance
  • Unobtrusive

The Prototype timer currently allows you to:

  • Select a duration in minutes
  • Audio alert on completion
  • Reset

This project also provided me with the opportunity to experiment with CSS, Javascript and SVG’s.

Next steps

  • Allow for time to be entered in hours
  • Make the timer scalable so it scales with the browser window.

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