Responsive HTML prototyping – UX Oxford

For those of you attending Responsive HTML prototyping at UX Oxford here are some useful links to help you on your way:

Yeti Launch – Compiler app

Zurb Foundation documentation – Out the box components

Atom – text editor

Sublime text – text editor

Notepad++ – text editor

Ashmolean src – Example prototype

Font Awesome – icons

Placeholdit – placeholder images

Zurb building blocks – component library


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A screen of code

Responsive HTML prototyping with Foundation – Setting up the CLI

Responsive HTML prototyping is one of the core methods I use when designing web based solutions. It’s a great way to validate our designs, allowing us to quickly test content, structure and functionality. In this article I will be going through the process of creating a prototype based on Foundation using the CLI (Command Line Interface). Foundation is a responsive front end framework. […]